Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pamper Yourself!

Is it spring yet? It seems like every January, Janette and I get the gardening bug and can't wait to see the bulbs peeking through the ground.  That is no where in sight today! Snow here in Utah is keeping us indoors for the most part. So to brighten up your day just a bit, here is a fun share! I made this shower curtain for our sewing school bathroom a few months back.  What is fun about this project is, it is made out of scraps from our students projects! We had saved two inch scraps from students projects for years until I finally had enough to make this colorful shower curtain to look like spools of thread! It's fun for us to see it and remember who made what project out of which fabric.  We love our students!

Next, we have some projects to help pamper yourself or someone you love! All of these make great gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day or even a BIG jump start on Christmas for this year. (It's never too early to start sewing for Christmas)

You know when you go on a fabulous trip, you do you hair with your curler and your flat iron and then you never know what to do with that hot iron?? Here is the perfect solution! This curler cover has heat resistant fabric on the inside.  You can slip your hot iron in this cover and throw it right in your bag! It's amazing and a fun quick project for even beginners. Give it a try!
This is a new project around here. This Mani Pouch is a great way to store your polish, clippers and files all in one place! Students will have the opportunity to use Annie's Soft and Stable, one of our favorite sew in foams.  It gives strength to this piece that will make it last a long time.  This little project is full of different techniques. Snaps, elastic, zippers, etc.  It's a fun project!

Last, we have our Bathroom Buddy! When traveling, what is worse than pulling your toothbrush out just to find hair from your comb in it? So gross, right?! This bag is a game changer! This project is great for our level two students. It is challenging, but oh so rewarding. This bag has 4 zippers creating 7 different compartments to store all the essentials. You will be so happy with this project.  It's a great piece!

Happy Sewing!

                                                                                Janette & Myra

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