Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring is Coming!!

The last few days have felt so nice outside.  Not sure about you, but I am ready for Spring! With Spring in the air, it turns my thoughts to Spring sewing and Easter.  Don't leave your Easter sewing till the last minute. Skirts are such a fun way to try different fabric combinations.  
What girl wouldn't love to wear one of these this Spring?

Today, we have a few skirt ideas for you!

The skirt above and the skirt below will give you lots of great practice with gathering and ruffles.  By the time your are finished, you will be a pro at gathering!  
We have a few tricks to teach you on different ways to gather.

Maxi skirts are all the rage!  Our level two students are love to make these maxi skirts!  So many fun patterns to choose from.  Meg is modeling her maxi skirt, she is making her second one.  
I'm thinking these skirts will be like chocolate, you can't have just one!

Last year we had sooo many girls go on trek!  It is that time again.  If you know you are going on trek, it is time to get cracking on your beautiful trek apron and bonnet! 

Happy Sewing!

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