Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another School Year

Here we are again at the beginning of a new school year.  Summer seems to always fly by.  Our summer was filled with lots of travel, family and as always, time for sewing. With that said, we have some fun projects to help your kiddos have a successful school year!

We have two lunch boxes that are sure to make anyone happy. My girls have made both and let me tell you they wash up beautifully! Their food stays cold for them until lunch time and lets just address how adorable they are :)
This first lunch box is a pretty easy project.  Good for any level 1.5 student. They will learn how easy it is to make box corners, how to make a casing and learn to do some machine quilting.

This second lunch box is AMAZING! How cute is that?! This lunch box is full of techniques. Level 2 students will learn how to bind, quilt and sew with Annie's Soft & Stable Foam. (Our latest favorite product!)

We adore this project.  Perfect for keeping your pens and pencils in order in your desk or locker. Zippers always seem to be an intimidating part of any project.  We have a really slick way of installing zippers that will change the way you think about zippers. You will be amazed!

Last but not least, this notebook cover has been a favorite of the sewing girls for years now. This notebook cover fits over a composition notebook.  This makes great teacher gifts or friend gifts.  

I know you don't want to be thinking about this, but Christmas is just around the corner. I have started my Christmas sewing as of today. So, have your girls start thinking about who they can sew a gift for.

Happy Sewing!
                                             Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Secret Ingredient....

The secret ingredient to a great home cooked meal is...a fabulous full apron! (Cooking lessons might help too!) Our sewing students are perfecting the art of sewing and making some of the most adorable full aprons. Here are a few the options they can choose for their Level 1 full apron.

The left side apron you can learn how to applique on the 
giant ric rac. A great skill to master! The apron on the right 
you will learn how to make a flounce, 
softening the bottom of the apron. Both are darling!

I'm thinking the best part of our job (besides teaching your darling kids) is fabric shopping! We always love when we come across food fabric. This apron has recipes printed all over the bottom skirt of this apron. Fantastic, right? Some skills that are learned in this project are patch pockets, 
how to put in a waistband and elastic casings. 

I am a sucker for Swiss polka dot fabric and ruffles. This apron combines the two! <3 Ruffles are always a big struggle for most sewist. We have three different ways to make ruffles not such a daunting task. We absolutely love this full apron! When ever a student finishes a full apron, we tell them they can now bake us cookies or brownies. 
Maybe one day it will actually work! ;)

Happy Sewing Friends!
                                         Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Where Did The Time Go?!?

I thought we had more time! December always seems to go by too fast. And as always, we have big dreams to create something for all those loved ones! Well with Christmas this week, time is running out! We love to start Christmas sewing in July. I know, I know...might sound crazy, 
but in December you will be glad you did! 

This darling Santa and Reindeer are a perfect gift for anyone on your list! Making stuffed 
animals is such a fun project.  By sewing stuffed animals, 
you will push your skills and learn new techniques! 

The stockings were only took two years to make all of the stockings! Janette did an amazing job on piecing, quilting and making these beautiful personalized stockings for our whole family! Talk about a labor of love.  Simply amazing! This is definitely one of those 
projects that will be cherished for years to come! 
Now is a great time to buy Christmas fabric for those projects you want for next year! 

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! We love teaching you and your daughters the love of sewing.  We truly are blessed to know each and every one of you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Sewing,

                                             Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Seasons Change...

Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year! With the cooler weather and the crisp air in the morning, it always puts me in the mood to start creating even more. Can you imagine all the projects running through my head?! This could be a problem! ;)

With running kids everywhere from carpool, baseball, guitar lesson and now softball, it seems like I am spending half my day in the car...waiting. Knitting is the only way I keep my sanity waiting for kids to do their thing. This is the latest project on my needles, this fantastic round baby blanket. I love knitting baby blankets and having them in my stash for when I need a quick baby present. Lately it seems like everyone is popping out babies so I am adding to my stash with this beauty!

Nothing worse than having to run to the store to try and pick out a present for your kids friend.  Problem solved...I have a different stash, kid presents! This is my latest kid present. This darling notebook cover holds a composition notebook and like 8 pens or pencils. You can never have enough pens, am I right?! A great gift for anyone if you ask me! This project was so fun. 
Learn how to make pleats (that actually keep their shape!) 

Many of our students are advancing and moving on up to the next level. This is so exciting!! We love seeing them catch the sewing bug. On Level Two they will be learning to sew more clothes, which if you ask me is a must! This sweatshirt if made out of French Terry cloth. You will never want to take it off!I would wear it every day if the weather would cooperate! :) Sewing with knits can be tricky, but we have some tricks that will make it so fun!

 So with the Holidays just around the corner, better start thinking of all those projects you will be wanting to make. Make a list and start creating! 

Happy Sewing Friends!

                           Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Vacation!

Summer is upon us and traveling is in high swing! One of my favorite things to sew is good size travel bag. This bag pattern will not disappoint! I am a huge advocate for finished seams on the WHOLE project.  Nothing makes me happier in a sewing project. So when I read on this pattern, that it had finished edges, everywhere, I couldn't wait to start this bag! 

See what I am talking about?!  Finished edges everywhere, even the zipper edge! I added an elastic pocket with pleats on the inside of the bag to maybe hold extra shoes. 
One never has enough pockets, am I right?!

This bag also uses "Annie's Soft & Stable," and excellent foam based, lightweight stabilizer that is fantastic at keeping it's shape. I used a free motion quilter to quilt the fabric before ever cutting out my pieces and it worked amazing! I am really pleased with how this project turned out and would love to teach our students how to make it.  This is a great project for any level two student. 
Stay tuned for more travel sewing projects! 

Happy Travels, 
 Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oh Baby!!

So many of our sewing students love to sew baby projects. Who wouldn't?!? Those cute little faces just looking at you saying, "Please, make me something!" So here you go, perfect projects for any cute chubby baby. 

 This blanket teaches you how to miter corners. Making a sharp clean mitered corner isn't as hard as you would think. This is a great project to give to a baby boy or girl.
Choose to add ric rac as a trim or add a decorative stitch.

What baby doesn't try to tear off their bib while they are eating?  This bib is a great solution to that age old problem.  This bib goes over their shoulder and under their arms, making them keep the bib on. Genius, right?!? Learn how to make your own bias tape too!

 Knit baby hats are always a quick project to knit up for a gift. So many patterns are out there just waiting for you to cast on!
We can also teach you how to knit the perfect baby sweater, great for any cold morning. Isn't she the cutest baby?  Perfect little wiggly model!

This Chevron knit blanket is a great way to learn your increases and decreases.  When working a repetitive stitch, it is ingrained in your head.   A great way to learn any new skill.

 Car seat covers are a dime a dozen out there. This one is above the rest!  With a front zipper, top ruffle detail, bands on the edge and toy straps on the inside, I guarantee people will ask you where you bought it.  This is a great project to learn how to install a sports zipper. Try your hand at ruffles and impress anyone! We also have a car seat blanket to coordinate with the cover. This blanket allows the buckles to come through the blanket, making it so you never lose your babies blanket again! You will learn how to add binding to a quilt edge too.

Happy Sewing!
Janette & Myra

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going, year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Classes for children are $52 per month for 4 one-hour sessions. If your class has a 5th week lesson, an extra $13 will be added to your tuition.
Classes for adults are $52 for 2 two-hour sessions and are held the 1st & 3rd weeks, or the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.
Tuition is due at the beginning of every month.

Total tuition for the first month would be:
Sewing: $52 + $30 (yearly non-refundable supply fee) +
Project Account $30 = $112

Knitting: $52 (Students will bring and supply their own needles and yarn)

The following months would only be $52, unless there is a 5th week.

Supplies and Project Account Fees:

A newer Bernina sewing machine and sewing tools are provided for each student during class time.

There is a $30.00 per year non-refundable supply fee. The School supplies pins, scissors, needles, seam rippers, measuring devices, etc. This fee keeps these supplies available for all students.

There is a $30.00 deposit for each student's Project Account. Students use this like a debit account for purchasing project sewing kits, stuffing, elastic, etc. Parents will be notified monthly of the balance on their payment reminder. The Project Account must stay above $10. Students can choose from the Sewing School's selection of fabric for their projects or purchase fabric on their own.

Since all sewing projects are completed in class, it is not necessary for students to own a sewing machine or have access to one at home.