Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beginner Projects

Every seamstress has to start somewhere, right?  I know I did! Here at Simple Stitches, we have five basic projects that we feel gives every student the basic skills they need to start sewing.  They are great projects for the student to learn the machine and to get the basics of sewing down.

The first project that students will do is Tina's Tidy Tray.  This project teaches the beginning student several things.  Right and wrong sides of the fabric, correct pinning technique, sewing straight, turning corners and more!

Every seamstress needs a pincushion!  Our second project is Pyper's Pincushion, which the student will use in class every week.  This project is a lot like the tray, re-enforcing techniques they learned on Tina's Tidy Tray.  They will also learn how to use decorative stitches, hand sewing, sewing on a button and confidence!

The next project they will tackle is Molly's Pillowcase.  By now, they should be fairly confident sewing straight lines and turning corners.  A new technique they will learn, is how to sew a French seam. They will also learn how to sew on ric-rac as a decorative trim.  Pillowcases are a fun and easy project!

After Molly's pillowcase, they will make Haley's PJ's.  Pajama's will teach them how to read and cut out a pattern, grain of the fabric, importance of notches on a pattern, use the surger, and hemming pants.  So many techniques are used in making pajama pants!

The last project they will make before choosing what project they want to make is Anna's Skirt.  A fun and easy skirt!  They will learn how to cut out a pattern (reinforcing the skills learned from Haley's PJ's), make a casing for elastic, hemming a skirt and sewing on decorative trim.

After tackling these five beginner projects, they will have the basic skill to start choosing and making so many fun projects!

Simple Stitches Sewing & Knitting School is an on going year round school. Sewing machines are provided for students. No need to have your own machine!  Call or email to reserve your spot today!